Lucile Kellis

Lucile Kellis

Lucile is an expert in survey research and discrete choice modelling with over 10 years’ experience in transportation travel demand forecasting.

Lucile joined Steer in 2009 from the former transportation practice Charles River Associates. Her experience includes the analysis of econometric models for use in large-scale mergers and litigation cases. Prior to joining Steer, Lucile obtained an MS in Transportation from MIT and worked as a research assistant with the East Japan Railway Company operating the Shinkansen HSR trains. She also interned in the Office of Economics and Strategic Analysis with the US Department of Transportation.

Lucile leads Steer’s stated preference survey capability in North America. She manages a range of high-profile transportation projects requiring rigorous application of econometrics skills. She also leads the survey effort of investment grades toll roads and managed lanes projects for both the public and private sectors.

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