Yilia Baucage-Bou

Associate & Puerto Rico Office Leader
Yilia Baucage Bou

Yilia is an engineer with over 15 years’ experience working on projects involving transport engineering, planning, unmotorized modes, transit systems, parking, and P3 schemes.

Yilia joined CMA Architects and Engineers in 2002 as a civil engineer in the transportation division. She joined Steer in 2004 as a consultant where she has developed her career managing a number of transport assessments for private and public clients and working internationally in Europe, America and Asia.

At Steer, Yilia is the office leader in Puerto Rico, and is responsible for the overall office and client management, work winning, accounts management and business planning. Her expertise resides in traffic engineering, transport planning, infrastructure, modelling, development planning, roadway design analysis, transit, traffic impact, surveys, and parking strategies.

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