Alia Verloes

North American New Mobility Market Lead
Alia Verloes

Alia Verloes is a public policy specialist and urban strategist with a focus on shared mobility. She leads the New Mobility market in North America exploring the potential and impact of disruptive transportation technologies in cities across the world. Alia’s work covers a wide range of new mobility services including shared micromobility, zero-emission vehicles, automation and on-demand services. Her work also considers implementation of mobility hubs and MaaS services in the context of shared use business models. Alia holistically incorporates DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging) principles in all of her work and provides key insights that can inform strategic direction as well as future project development efforts.

At Steer, Alia is part of an internal think-tank on 15-minutes city where she looks at the impacts new mobility solutions to build a more human-centric and environmentally sustainable urban future. Alia co-authored research pieces in the field, including in Transport Policy and has been recognized as an Emerging Leaders of Transportation Fellow at the NYU Rudin Center in 2018.

Articles and insights by this expert

13 Feb 2024

How mobility hubs can promote sustainable and integrated transportation for all

Mobility hubs are identifiable places that bring together different transport modes and services to encourage multimodal journeys.

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04 Jan 2024

Steer aids the long-term future of clean shared mobility in California’s poorest communities

Steer has produced a white paper to help the California Air Resources Board navigate the financial pitfalls of clean mobility programs.

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28 Sep 2021

Steer launches new ‘data storytelling web app’ to explore the impacts of the pandemic on the US micromobility market

As the COVID-19 pandemic adds increasing pressure and severe disruptions to the fast-changing and growing micromobility industry, how can we better monitor the developments? Steer developed the app to explore the impacts of the pandemic on micromobility over time and to use the findings to help guide policy and decision-making for our clients, whether they are in the public or private sector.

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17 Sep 2020

Steer study examines the importance of economic & social impacts of autonomous delivery services in the US

Steer brings to light some valuable insights on the potential economic impacts and wider benefits of introducing delivery AV services in the US, through its independent study commissioned by the California-based robotics Nuro company.

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03 Jun 2020

New mobility and last-mile delivery: an ecosystem in transit(ion)

The widespread use of online sales and associated consumption practices is leading to an increase in deliveries, transforming the very fabric of major cities around the globe. In New York City, it is estimated that nearly 1.5 million packages are delivered daily, creating pressure on the network. Against this backdrop, consumers’ expectations for shipping continue to rise.

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