Policy & strategy

Enhancing our transportation, digital and energy connectivity and making our systems work better can be a key enabler of economic development and decarbonization, environmental and wider societal goals. Robust transportation strategies establish clear linkages between these broader goals and how investment in transportation will meet them and establish a policies and projects to realize the desired change.

We collaborate closely with our clients by combining our understanding of the problems and challenges they face with our international experience developing innovative strategies. No strategy development process is the same, but central to each is the combination of knowledge, skills and experiences within a structured framework. We bring a proven methods and techniques to frame the problem, develop options and identify a preferred way forward.  

How we can help you

Transportation strategies and policies are the responsibility of local, regional and national governments, either working in isolation or in partnership with other governmental bodies. Our team brings deep knowledge working across the entire strategy development process – allowing us to support our clients from start to finish, or at critical individual stages. We work with all levels of government and have specific expertise and experience working with partnerships and multi-headed clients. Our core offer includes:

  • Governance and organization
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Vision and objective setting
  • Evidence base development
  • Business cases, option assessment, and appraisal, including impact assessments (e.g. Strategic Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessments)
  • Policy development
  • Forecasting and option development
  • Funding and financing
  • Strategy and policy development and writing
  • Action plan, program and implementation advice
  • Guidance development

We are Steer

Yes, you are in the right place. After 40 years, we have changed our name from Steer Davies Gleave to mark our growing international footprint and our expanding portfolio into markets beyond transportation.

Explore our new website to learn more about Steer: who we are, how we work and what our future holds.