Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller

Patrick leads Steer’s Transportation Strategy and Business Case Market in North America. He has over twelve years of experience in transportation strategy development, project evaluation, and business case development across urban transit, rail, and transit fares.

Patrick joined Steer after completing a PhD programme in which he developed a new decision-making framework that evaluates how public transport systems enhance regional sustainability.  Since joining Steer, Patrick has delivered business cases for transformative transport projects, including fare integration for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Fare Integration for the Bay Area, the GO Expansion Program,  and multiple rapid transit projects. He has also developed business case and decision-making frameworks for major agencies across North America.

At Steer, Patrick leads a range of strategic studies and business cases for complex transportation issues. His recent experiences include developing regional fare strategies and policies, creating new business case guidance, and developing business cases for regional and high-speed rail programmes.

Articles and insights by this expert

08 Jan 2024

Keeping infrastructure projects on track: Lessons from New South Wales

Ingrid Emery from the New South Wales Dept. of Planning and Environment talks about its innovative approach to infrastructure assurance.

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09 Jan 2020

It's not (just) about the numbers

Fare policy development is complex. Whether an agency is exploring setting new prices, changing its product or concession offering, or implementing innovative new policies (such as time of day pricing or loyalty programs), making the case for change will require significant technical analysis alongside engagement with stakeholders, policymakers and decision- makers.

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23 Sep 2019

It is time to consider smart fares

Fare smart cards have been adopted across North America with over 60 agencies already providing card based ticketing and many additional ticketing programs are under development. As more agencies adopt smart cards there is a significant opportunity to leverage this new technology to grow ridership and revenue with smart fares.

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28 Nov 2018

Lessons from Japan

In North America, best practices for urban and regional transportation are often drawn from Europe. While cities like London, Paris, and Copenhagen can be used as examples of successful transportation planning, delivery and operations, there is also an opportunity to look at lessons from cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. 

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08 Sep 2017

Building the case for passenger rail investment

Canada is currently in a new ‘rail renaissance’ with significant investments being considered coast to coast. These investments are an opportunity not only to transform how people move within cities and regions, but to also shape how regional economies develop.

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