Geoff England

Geoff England

Geoff is a registered professional planner in Canada and has over 15 years’ experience, specialising in transportation demand management, transit planning and multimodal integration.

Geoff joined Steer in 2008 and has helped lead the growth of the company’s transportation demand management (TDM) and behaviour change offer across North America. Geoff pioneered Steer’s approaches to employer outreach programmes, transportation management associations and company commuter programmes, particularly our work in San Diego and Los Angeles. Over the past eight years, Geoff has also led the development of TransLink’s suite of guideline documents comprised of the Transit Passenger Facilities Design Guidelines, Transit-Oriented Communities Design Guidelines and Transit Service Guidelines Update.

At Steer, Geoff plays a leadership role in the TDM and behaviour change team in Canada and the United States and supports transit planning and design projects across North America.

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