Oliver Russell

GIS Manager
Oli Russell

Oli has 15 years’ experience in delivering spatial analytics to both private and public-sector clients.

Oli joined Steer from Hampshire County Council in 2014 where he worked in the council’s research and intelligence team. He joined Steer as our GIS manager and leads our spatial analytics offer to clients. He works across the company supporting a wide variety of projects, including feasibility studies for car clubs, bike share, new road and rail schemes.

As GIS manager, Oli looks after our team of GIS analysts, software and data management. He is also an experienced project manager and project director leading spatial analytic projects in the UK and advises our international colleagues on GIS technology and data sources. He has recently been working with our digital intelligence team to enhance our digital offer.

Articles and insights by this expert

15 Apr 2020

Developing new addressing systems using street naming and numbering theory

When living in a country that has a well-established addressing system, it can be difficult to imagine what life would be like in a world where the property in which you live has no official address. In early March 2020, Oliver Russell was invited to facilitate the “Street Naming, Numbering and Postcode Systems – Capacity Building” workshop in Eswatini. 

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