Movement Matters 'Beyond Transport Mobility' presented by Steer

Steer is presenting the latest Movement Matters event, 'Beyond Transport Mobility' on June 24 in Toronto. 

Event synopsis

With major city-regions seeing rapid population growth and economic development, how can city and regional leaders plan and deliver mobility solutions that will ensure livability and prosperity? Transportation investment can act as a catalyst to economic development and the creation of new housing and job centers; however, it can also require significant funding and long timelines for delivery.

When planning for transit investment, agencies and regions need to carefully understand the wider case for investment from plan to platform to ensure projects are developed and implemented in a mindful way that catalyzes regional development and addresses broader challenges such as housing availability and environmental sustainability.

This panel will explore the range of views on how transportation can be a positive enabler to these benefits, how to justify investments through business case and benefits analyses, and how a transit-centered approach can enhance city planning. The panel will represent a diverse array of regions, cities and transportation systems, each with their unique challenges and varying approaches to addressing the wider case for transit investment.

Meet the panel

Peter Rogoff, CEO, Sound Transit
Peter Rogoff has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Sound Transit since 2016. During his first year, he ushered in the Sound Transit 3 ballot measure, the largest transit system expansion in North America. Previously, Peter spent 22 years on the staff of the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, including 14 years as Democratic Staff Director on the Transportation Subcommittee. In 2009, Peter was nominated by President Barack Obama and approved by the U.S. Senate to serve as Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration where he served until 2014, and then as the Under Secretary of Transportation for Policy at the U.S. Department of Transportation from 2014 to 2016.

Joshua Engel-Yan, Principal Sponsor (A), Metrolinx
Josh is the Principal Sponsor at Metrolinx where he champions best practice project governance approaches to ensure that planned project benefits are defined, tracked and delivered as outcomes through a project’s lifecycle. Josh is an award-winning transportation leader, specializing in evidence-based transport planning and investment appraisal. He oversaw the development Metrolinx’s business case guidance and organization-wide adoption of business cases as an iterative and flexible decision making tool. This work culminated in the 2018 $15+B GO Expansion program Full Business Case, which was fully endorsed by the Metrolinx Board. 

Laurie Lombardi, Interim Chief Planning Officer, Los Angeles Metro
Laurie Lombardi is a senior planning and finance professional specializing in complex forecasting, mega-project design and management. She brings 26 years of experience, including 15 years in the mass transportation industry in NYC and Los Angeles. At MTA Capital Construction she successfully delivered Second Avenue Subway, Hudson Yard 7 Line extension and revitalization projects of Lower Manhattan, post 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy. Laurie is currently focusing on funding initiatives such as Measure M and SB1, and project initiatives such as P3, Land Value Capture and 2028 Olympics readiness. Above all, Laurie believes in the power of mass transportation to improve the quality of life for all parts of the community, improve air quality, and provide equitable access for all.  

Kevin Desmond, CEO, TransLink
Kevin is an experienced executive with a career built in the public transportation industry. As CEO of TransLink, the regional transportation authority that moves nearly 500,000 people every day, he oversees planning, financing, and management of a regional transit and transportation network that includes bus, rapid transit, passenger ferry, para-transit service, commuter rail, roads and bridges, and walking and cycling paths, with 7,500 employees. Under Kevin’s leadership, ridership in Metro Vancouver has grown 18 percent since 2016, faster than any other major metropolitan region in Canada or the United States. Since 2016 he has also secured more than $9 billion investment, the province of British Columbia’s largest transit and transportation investment ever, to expand multi-modal region-wide transit services, including the construction of two new rapid transit extensions in two of the region’s largest cities.

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