Unlocking city decarbonisation: Local solutions for global challenges


PodcastDuration 41m

In the latest episode in our ‘Voices of the Industry’ podcast series Steer is joined by Peter Gudde, Net Zero Programme Lead at the Greater South East Net Zero Hub.    

As the urgency to address climate change intensifies, focus in the UK has shifted towards the value of localised decarbonisation solutions that fit the unique characteristics of the nation’s different economies and communities, both rural and urban. 

Our episode is a whistle stop tour of everything Net Zero Hubs do to help a broad range of clients from local authorities to energy providers achieve their low-carbon ambitions. From knowledge sharing and best practice to developing new metrics for investment and a ‘long sighted’ approach to capital, here we learn about innovative approaches to a whole system change that affects everyone.

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Key takeaways 

  • Local Area Energy Plans (LEAPs): The podcast highlights the significance of LEAPs in steering local climate solutions under the influence and control of local authorities. 
  • Commercialising Net Zero projects: Discussion on how making net zero projects commercially viable is essential for their success, and how private sector funding is crucial in unlocking the potential of city-wide decarbonisation efforts. 
  • Investment attraction: The necessity of attracting investments to fund local decarbonisation projects, blending public and private funds to create robust financing models.


  • Peter Gudde, Programme Lead for Net Zero for the Greater South East Net Zero Hub, has over 30 years of experience across sectors. He previously spearheaded sustainable energy initiatives at West Suffolk Council. Peter is also a doctoral researcher at the University of Suffolk, focusing on energy transition and governance in local government. He holds chartered qualifications in environmental and waste management. 


  • Shivali Mathur, Associate for Energy Transition, Amberside Advisors. 
  • Tim Gallagher, Journalist at Steer. 

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