Steer study examines the importance of economic & social impacts of autonomous delivery services in the US

Steer brings to light some valuable insights on the potential economic impacts and wider benefits of introducing delivery AV services in the US, through its independent study commissioned by the California-based robotics Nuro company.

At present, 85% of trips in the US are currently made by private vehicles, which adds to significant traffic congestion, collisions and transport emissions, particularly in cities and urban areas. The use of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) is enhancing the convenience and efficiency of last-mile delivery and has the potential to generate up to US$4.1 trillion in 2035. This service will have a strong impact on consumer shopping habits and the urban landscape of cities and will help achieve societal benefits.

The first study of this type, the report considers the period 2025 to 2035 for three potential future scenarios, examining a range of potential factors likely to affect the demand and supply of delivery AV services. The study also acknowledges how the pandemic has amplified the use of AVs in the last-mile delivery services and the rise in consumer demand for contactless home delivery services.

In this context, our New Mobility team analyse the following:

  • Role of delivery AVs in reducing personal vehicle trips (estimating overall market potential for delivery AV services between 2025 and 2035 at a national level and for selected states);
  • Economic impacts of delivery AV services for the US economy, including employment impacts; and
  • Wider impacts of delivery AV services, including safety, emissions, and time savings at a national level and for selected states.

Real the full report here


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