Unlocking TDM: Lessons learned from both sides of the Atlantic


PodcastDuration 47m

How can we make more efficient use of our transportation system? How can we encourage people out of their cars and onto bicycles, buses, trains or walking, or change the time that they travel or even where they travel to? 

These questions are cast in a new light in a climate conscious, public-health focused post-COVID world and one place where answers can be found is in transportation demand management (TDM).

In this episode of ‘Voices of the Industry’, London-based Steer Director Lisa Martin is joined by our Associate in the US Julia Wean as the pair discuss lessons learned from their careers in TDM, or behaviour change as it is commonly called in the UK. 

An interesting insight into one of Steer’s primary markets, this episode spans national boundaries and multiple decades as we discuss the changing motives and methods of TDM.

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  • Julia Wean, Associate at Steer, is a dynamic force in transportation and a specialist in Transportation Demand Management (TDM). With a graduate degree in Transportation Planning and extensive experience, she leads the North American TDM Strategy market at Steer. Julia's expertise empowers public and private sectors alike to achieve significant reductions in vehicle miles travelled (VMT) and trips through inventive behaviour change policies and strategic planning.


  • Lisa Martin, Director, Steer, is a sustainable mobility expert with over 25 years of experience, specialising in travel behaviour change strategies worldwide. From leadership roles at Steer to pivotal contributions at Heathrow Airport, Lisa champions modal shifts away from cars through innovative interventions, emphasising public transport and reducing single-occupancy vehicle trips.

Related topics: Active transport, Cities & places, Climate change & sustainability, New Mobility, Urban transport, Planning & delivery, Behaviour change, Strategy & policy, Technology & digital, Disruptive technologies.


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